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Vue.js seems to be much more productive than React.js. Why do some still use React?

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I use React exclusively these days. I looked at Vue a while back and decided it wasn't worth switching.

The main reason why is that quite honestly Vue may be better in few minor ways, but when you look at it from a high level, they're basically the same exact framework. Component based rendering with a virtual DOM. They even have a similar API.

Vue may have some advantages since it came after React, so they were able to avoid some of the mistakes that React made, but on the flip side, React is more popular so it has a bigger community which means more open source projects, more jobs, more stack overflow posts, more people testing and using it in production. Plus React is sponsored by Facebook who has done a great job fixing issues and continually improving the framework.

Overall my conclusion was, Vue may be better, but if it is better, it's not better by much, and I'm not switching frameworks for small benefits. If I switch frameworks it's because the new framework is a monumental upgrade. Vue is merely a sidegrade to React.

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